Reiki Moms

I am a Mom of four children, a healer and a Kindergarten Teacher in Orangeville ON. My passion and my heart belongs to Reiki and I want to share my that with you. Reiki Moms is located in beautiful downtown Orangeville on Broadway. This a new location and I am excited to move in!


Reiki Moms required a logo to establish branding and a web site.  They also required assistance setting up social media.


Orangeville, Ontario



Reiki Moms needed to start fresh with new branding and a web site.  We helped them setup everything from web hosting and social media, to a logo and the web site.

Graphic Design

Reiki Moms needed a new logo design.  I.C. Designs worked with them to create a logo that reflected their business.

Web Design

After creating a logo to help establish the Reiki Mom’s branding, I.C. Designs created a web site that reflected the design.   The site was created in WordPress, and the Blog will be updated by Reiki Moms.

Social Media

I.C. Designs helped Reiki Moms with their social media setup, and integrating the various accounts.