Mind Matters Fitness

“Mind Matters Fitness, a fitness and nutrition company dedicated to helping clients build a better life through healthy eating, exercise and improved brain health.


Mind Matters Fitness was rebranding and needed logo design and web design services.  They wanted to be able to sell training packaged through their web site.  I.C. Designs created a solution using WordPress and WooCommerce.


Orangeville, Ontario



Mind Matters Fitness needed to rebrand and needed a web presence.  We helped them through the steps.

Logo Design

Mind Matters Fitness had a rough idea of a logo design.  We helped them create it.

Web Site Design

The Mind Matters Fitness web site was designed by I.C. Designs and is maintained by Mind Matters Fitness.

Social Media Setup and Integration

The News section on the Mind Matters site used content fed from their Facebook feed to allow for super easy updates.  There is social media integration and social sharing throughout the site.


Mind Matters Fitness required a solution for selling training packages though their web site.  I.C. Designs setup a store solution using WooCommerce.