A Guide to Free Design Tools

The majority of my clients request a site designed in a content management system (CMS) like WordPress so that they have the ability to update or add their own content, and the ability to have a blog/news section they can update.  Once they start doing their own updates, they usually ask for software suggestions for some basic graphics work, […]

What is a CMS?

CMS stands for “Content Management System,” and describes a method of managing content, workflow, and collaboration online. CMS’s have revolutionized the way people think about and control content on websites. WordPress WordPress has been around since 2003 and is the most popular blogging software on the market. Over the last few years, WordPress has also […]

Preparing for a Web or Print Design Project

Web Site Design and Print Design Cost Guide The following is a guide for clients or potential clients of I.C. Designs to explain costs, and how we can work together to make projects run smoothly. Estimates & Costs for Web & Print Design Projects An estimate for a job can only be based on the […]